One Nation Divided //

How Should Christians Respond?

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Hey friend! Welcome back to Red Hot Mindset where we are on a mission to step into the fire of refinement so God can mold and shape us into women he can use to do extraordinary things. 

Today is going to be one of those really raw and real conversations, the ones I’ve been saying I’m shifting to. I’m learning to just let God lead and let Him use me for his ultimate purpose. I’ve been quiet about many things because I don’t like causing an uproar. I know what I believe, and, honestly, I probably have more wrong than right, but I do know that I’m called to be a light and a truth-bearer, and right now more than ever, I feel that’s what Christians need to do! We need to get off the bench and be a light. This episode may come off as harsh, but what I pray you hear in it is the urgency to be a critical thinker, to search for truth, and to get off the bench and pray for our nation. We need to be willing to step into the fire

As you’re listening to this today, we may have a president declared, or we may not, but it’s probably still a long road ahead to find out who the true winner is. We all know recounts are happening and honesty and integrity are in question. So we just sit and wait. You are probably waiting, wondering what is going to happen. I’m probably doing the same thing.

And while we are waiting, I’m going to encourage you to do something …

Turn the stinking news off! I’m serious. It’s toxic to your mind. I know that sounds extreme, but I came from a broadcast journalism background, and even back then, the news was negative, but it was never as bias as it is now. Back then we sought truth! We believed in doing our research to get to the bottom of what was going on and being able to share both sides and allow the people to decide. We were as non-partisan as possible. Don’t you remember the news slogan, “You decide?” 

The news is supposed to share all the information they have gathered so we the people can decide and form our own conclusions. Where did that go? Stinking turn off the news. It is no good for your mind, it will control your mind. It will lead you to fear so many things right now: the virus, the election, the economy, even your life. Just turn it off. That is not your news source!

If you want to go somewhere to find real news, go to, and it will show you both sides. They have commentaries on there and different news sources, but it is very non-parisan, you’ll see the reasonings and arguments for both sides, and then you can form your own conclusions or opinions about what is happening. 

Come on people, what happened to critical thinking? What happened to asking good questions? Why are you taking the news for what it says? Why are you going onto social media and using it as a news source?

Most of it is false! Stinking go and do your own research. I don’t care what conclusion you come up with. I care that you do your due diligence as an American citizen and go do your research because you have the freedom to do that! Many other countries tell their citizens what they need to think and how they need to think. We are a land of the free and home of the brave. We were founded on the idea that we are a melting pot of different people and different ideas, and that was a beautiful thing! Don’t lose that! 

Okay, I’ll step off that soap box for a while, but seriously, we are only one generation away from no longer being the America that we grew up in, and the only way we remain is by opening up our minds and being willing to do our own thinking! 

In all of the chaos going on, though, I’m at peace. Do you want to know why?

God is sovereign, He is in control, and His will is going to be done. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be proactive and do what we feel we are called to and what is right. We need to take action and get off the bench, but He is ultimately in control. 

The thing I am fearful of, and honestly, I have complete peace about what’s going on because I know where my hope is. My hope is not in man or government. My hope is in a God who is all-powerful and all-knowing who’s plans will prevail. 

However, no matter who gets into office as our next president, I believe this is becoming a mini-tribulation.

I believe there is going to be turmoil no matter what, and here’s why. If Biden gets into office, he can hardly create sentences from a teleprompter, and if he can’t do that, how is he going to stinking lead a nation? Well, he’s not. That’s the point. He is a puppet being used by the elitists for their agenda, and he is the perfect puppet because he needs that help! He needs someone to tell him what to do and what to say and to catch him up when he falls because he will. And Kamala Harris, who is the most leftist senator to date, is going to be his right-hand. If they get in, the elitists will push the far left agenda, which isn’t even democratic. It is Marxist, it is tyrannical, it is socialist. This is where our country is headed if Biden gets in. 

On the other side, if Trump gets in, the extreme leftists are going to cause turmoil. They will make his last four years hell, excuse my language. They will divide our nation even further through their critical race theory and through their social injustice agenda, telling us that if we don’t agree with certain things we are hateful people, telling us if we don’t stand up for the corrupt organization that Black Lives Matter is founded under, that we are white supremacists, we are hateful, intolerant, and terrible people. 

I’m going to interrupt this for a second because you just heard me, and you’re probably like, you don’t believe black lives matter? Of course I do! I believe black lives matter and all other lives. The specific organization is Marxist and hateful and actually not for black lives at all! I absolutely stand behind black lives and want nothing more for them to thrive than for anyone else in our nation. I just don’t stand for organizations that tear people apart through riots, hatred, and pure evil.

And that’s going to wreck havoc on our nation!

We are no longer one nation united.

We are one nation divided, and it’s scary to be moving into this season. There is so much corruption, so much hate, so much unknown! However, we can find peace knowing God is in control. Some people say, “You shouldn’t say that!” Well, it’s true!  God is sovereign. If He wants Biden in, He’s going to put Biden in. If He wants Trump in, He’s going to put Trump in. 

Now, there’s a lot going on, and I do believe there are some issues, but here’s the thing. I’m okay with whoever gets in — as long as there is no cheating. As long as the votes that went in actually count and are real, real true votes because this is the will of the people. Right now I don’t really see the will of the people happening. I see further divide. We’re not a democracy! That’s what I think a lot of people don’t understand. We are not a democracy! We’re a Republic. That’s why we have the electoral college and why the electoral college is critical to uphold. 

If we the people select people to represent us, and they are supposed to focus on our needs and what we want, then that’s what they should be doing. They are not supposed to be elected to work their agenda. Their agenda is supposed to be the people’s agenda. They are our voice. But, unfortunately, I really think that these life-long career politicians have forgotten their true role in all of this. They are supposed to be for the people! They’ve turned their career into their own agenda. They’ve stopped listening to the people. That’s what’s happening in the election right now! I want the will of the people. I know where I voted because I believe it was the best choice to unite our nation and get back on track, and I’ll be fine with the outcome but only if it happens fairly. If there is any corruption in the election process, it’s no longer the will of the people.

So what can we do as Christians?

We have got to get on our knees and pray for our nation! No matter the outcome, we need to be praying!

I don’t normally get political on my podcast, it’s not what it was created for, but it is about truth, critical thinking, discernment. It’s about being true to who we are in Christ, and so I decided I needed to get political on here only because I know that what we need is prayer right now. Our nation desperately needs Christians to rise up and pray for the unity of this country and for God to show His face and take the wheel.

This past week I was reflecting on Psalm 67.

In church we are doing 21 days of prayer, and a portion of this passage was the reading for one of the days. What’s interesting is that I always thought of this chapter as a chapter of favor, but now as I read it through, in context, it’s actually about salvation for the nations! 

I want to read it in its entirety today, and then we can talk about it and what it means for us as Christians living in today. I’ll be reading it from the NIV:

“May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine upon us, that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among the nations. May the peoples praise you, O God; may all the peoples praise you.May the nations be glad and sing for joy, for you rule the peoples justly and guide the nations of the earth. May the peoples praise you, O God; may all the peoples praise you. Then the land will yield its harvest, and God, our God, will bless us. God will bless us, and all the ends of the earth will fear him.”

The first verse is a prayer for prosperity for Israel, and what I find so amazing, is that it’s saying God has blessed us with His salvation! It’s a prayer for the welfare and prosperity of the church. We are favored because we have an everlasting hope in Jesus. He’s given us grace over our iniquities, and He’s favoring us with Him so we can draw others to Him!

Verses 2-5 are a prayer of conversation of the gentiles, and verses 6-7 are the prospects of the happy times we will experience when God does this for us.

This is a prayer of salvation for the nations. There is no doubt we have favor in the Lord, but this chapter is about praying for our nations to turn and seek God’s face! 

We may feel like right now we can’t do much but sit in waiting, but now is the time we need to be vigilant about praying for our nation!

Dear father, 

Thank you that it is your will that all men be saved. I pray for the nations to hunger for your way, that your way may be known and that the nations will be saved. We need it more now than ever! In salvation comes healing for our souls. Thank you, father, that we, your people, get to participate in the healing of the nations as we make known your ways to the earth and the nations of the earth. Come, heal our land, create a new spirit in us Lord! We need you! We cry out to you! Hear our cry! Our nation is tearing apart, and we are losing you. Change our hearts. Heal our land!


You may not like me anymore. You may not like my views. You may not want to listen to me anymore, that’s fine. But you know what?

I’m tired of hiding!

I’m not going to hide the truth because I’m scared of what others are going to say to me, because I’m scared of what man is going to do to me. I’m not scared of man. I’m not scared of government. I fear the Lord and Him solely. For those of you who are scared to stand up for what you believe in, stop fearing man and stand up for the United States of America. Stand up for your Christian values and morals. Stop sitting on the bench. Just get off already. 

Lately I’ve been listening to Heidi St. John who is a faith-based homeschooling mama and political activist. She has a podcast called “Get Off the Bench,” and she gets right into it. She is not afraid to unleash. She is not afraid to get into it or to speak truth. She leaves it all out there, and it’s helped me to see that it’s time for us to do what is right, what is true, what is noble, what is admirable and get off the bench!

The thing is, if Biden gets in as our new president, I’m not going to post hateful things or say terrible things about him. Rather, I’ll pray for him. As a leader in office, that’s what we are called to do. We respect the position and pray for the person. We don’t have to agree with anything the person says or does, but we pray for our leaders to turn and seek God’s face!

Get off the bench and speak up!

We need to get back to the principles our nation was founded on. And, no, our nation is not perfect, and, no, our founding fathers were not perfect, but this nation is a place that people flee to in droves because they see the American dream and want nothing to do with Marxist or socialist ideas. That’s where they came from! We cannot afford to stay silent and watch our nation slowly drift into a socialist nation or even a dictatorship! 

You think I’m being extreme, but do you ever wonder how Germans were all brainwashed into believing in a Nazi regime? It’s called a slow fade, a slow boil, and people being silent. In order to boil a frog in water, all you have to do is turn the heat up ever so slowly. That’s America people! That’s where we are right now, the heat is being turned up ever so slowly, and we are being indoctrinated into a Marxist, socialist nation. Come on! Speak up! Get off the bench! 

We are founded on a nation that is made by the people for the people. We need to get back there!

So, I say this all to let you know I’m praying that you have peace today. I choose to keep my peace.

I’m thankful God never changes because man and the world constantly do.

We can’t put our faith or hope in man or government. They are imperfect and always changing to meet what we want to hear. Now, I’m not saying don’t use your voice or don’t vote or don’t stand up for what is right. I definitely recommend your voice. But what I am saying is that Jesus is our only constant, and He is our hope! He is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

Through this election process — however long it ends up being  —  I’m at peace. I don’t want more chaos or shutdowns, but the one constant I do know is that Jesus is King. No matter who is president, Jesus reigns.

God is in control and His plans supersede our own. He knows what He’s doing, and I have complete peace in that. I rest in Jesus. My hope is in a constant, never-changing God.

I’m praying for peace in your life today and that you lean into and rest in God. No matter the outcome, choose love. No matter the outcome, choose peace. No matter the outcome, choose to turn your eyes upward to the one thing that is constant.

In all things, I pray you just run YOUR race! I believe in you


Step into the fire and come out stronger!

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