I am 6 weeks out from official Boston Marathon training. This will be my second Boston Marathon and my first race since my injury 10 ½ months ago. By the time I race it, it will have been a year and a half gap since my last one.

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My main goal is to run it feeling good and enjoying all the sites along the way.

I don’t have any time goals, though I’d like to finish around 4 hours, which normally is a considerably easy pace for myself. This is the pace I set because I know I need some type of time goal so I can be effective in my training.

I feel like a newbie to the running or fitness world! In fact, it’s an interesting perspective because it’s been a long time since I’ve actually been a newbie. It’s giving me empathy for those starting out their fitness journeys or overcoming injuries. I feel like I’m able to better come alongside others and meet them where they’re at.

Where I’m at:

  • Running 3-4 times a week
  • Running 3-5 miles at a time (usually run/walk)
  • Breathing stinks
  • Running gait/form stinks
  • I’m finally trusting myself and that I’m healed
  • I’m ready to move forward and push myself

Where I need to get to by Dec. 22

(official start date of marathon training):

  • Running 4 times a week consistently
  • Running at least 8 miles straight to have a good base for training.
  • Flexion back in my right foot.
  • Get back into strength training.
  • I need to be ready to train in the winter and not fear slipping on ice again.

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I NEED to push myself. It’s time.

My ligament and bone are healed, and now I need to heal my mind and get mentally tough. It’s time to dig deep and build that mental strength.

In the next few months, I’m going to take you along on my journey of recovery, pre-training preparation, and official marathon training. I hope to be an encouragement to you as you embark on your own journey and overcome your own trials.

You can follow my journey to the Boston Marathon in my stories on Instagram @redhotmindset.

Dream huge, and remember, you are a winner. Just run YOUR race!

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below and let me know, are you training for any races this spring?

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