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Goal-Driven Moms Podcast

Turn Your Passions into Purpose by pursuing goals god's way!

“Goal-Driven Moms” with Gabe Cox

Turn Your Passions into Purpose by Pursuing Goals God’s Way!

Are you wondering what’s next now that your kids are more independent? Are you looking for ways to find balance and prioritize your time so you can pursue your own interests? Do you desire simplicity and a life without hurry, but you still want to pursue your goals? How do those two connect?

In this podcast, I will help you clarify your goals and teach you how to use your interests to define your purpose. I’ll help you create systems and routines so you can find the time you need to take action. You’ll learn how to create an atmosphere of simplicity and a life of unhurry by setting boundaries, decluttering your schedule and mind, and ditching the distractions so you can finally be present right where you are. 

My ultimate mission is to help you step into the fire of refinement so God can mold and shape you into the woman ready to tackle the vision He placed in your heart. If you’re ready to say yes to what’s next, get unstuck, and find yourself again, you’re in the right place. 

Hey, I’m Gabe. A wife, mom, writer, runner, and Jesus lover! For years I put my dreams on the shelf thinking I had to sacrifice my own desires for motherhood. I thought I needed to be everything to everyone, but in the process, I lost myself. I felt so scattered because I had way too many things on my plate, and I made all the excuses! 

What I realize now, after hitting a massive goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon, is that my kids need me to pursue my own goals so I can be their best example. They need to see my win – yours do too!

As a running enthusiast, I believe life is one massive marathon, so if you’re ready to jump into the race, lace up those shoes and let’s go! Step into the fire with me because I know you will come out stronger.

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