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Victory Run

Turning Trials into Triumphs

The limiting beliefs and mental barriers holding you back in the face of trial don’t have to define you; rather, choose to let them refine your mental fortitude and strengthen your resilience and faith muscles.

When you are willing to step into the fire of refinement, you can use life’s trials and turn them into something beautiful. 

That’s what Gabe did in the face of a crippling injury that took her off course for more than a year. The road to recovery was surprisingly grueling with many unexpected bumps along the way. Follow her journey as she takes you through her tears and frustrations and shares how the 2021 Boston Marathon became her Victory Run

Victory Run will outline the process for you to break barriers – mental, physical, and emotional. When life hits you hard and events knock you off track, turn to this book to refuel your spirit and propel you through your finish line and back into the victory circle. 


What Others are Saying about Victory Run

“These pages are filled with several tools to help you on your journey, and an immense amount of encouragement to cling to. You’ll be challenged with thought-provoking questions, self-evaluation, as well as (if you allow it) an invitation into a place of surrender before God.”

Trish Rousu


Co- Host of the Fallen Short Podcast

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“Training for a marathon is a roller coaster ride. We all know we don’t have to run a marathon, but we all can’t just let that part of us go. With ups and downs, Gabe’s marathon journey is so inspiring!”

Suzuka Hetterich

Boston Marathon qualifier

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“I appreciate how Gabe illustrates the relationship between spirituality and mindfulness in the journey of accomplishing a goal. It has motivated me to adopt a spiritual mindfulness practice with my running goals.  It has equipped me with skills and mindset needed to recently accomplish my first 50 mile ultramarathon!”

Jennifer Whynot

Boston Marathon Qualifier

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“Gabe’s story is decidedly captivating. Her raw honesty and detailed account of her struggles followed by her grace-filled triumph dare readers to examine their own life steps while drawing closer to the One who made the narrow path.”

Janine Grinage

Boston Marathon Qualifier

About the Author

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Gabe Cox is an author, podcaster, coach, and the founder of Red Hot Mindset. She helps faith-fueled women use their passions to enhance their productivity and spiritual growth so they can go after their God-given goals. As an avid runner, she uses that interest to explore ideas around clarity, goal setting, strategic planning, simplicity, and faith. Her mission is to help women realize their gifts, hone their skills, and get crystal clear on their calling.


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